A presentation by IUCN’s Chief Scientist, Dr Tom Brooks, on the Draft IUCN Global Programme 2021-24, recorded on Zoom as a meeting for Members on the 22nd October 2020 is available HERE

synergylogo‘Synergy’ is the newsletter of IUCN NCUK. In it you will find up to date information about all the activities and initiatives the NCUK is currently engaged in. It highlights and shares the important conservation work being carried out by our members and partners and we hope you find it a valuable tool in learning more about the NCUK mission. You can find links to back issues at the bottom of this page.

Other publications by IUCN NCUK include:

Culturally natural or naturally cultural? 2017

River Restoration and biodiversity 2016
Putting Nature on the Map project report 2014
Putting Nature on the Map report summary 2014                                                                                             Putting Nature on the Map national handbook 2012

Back issues of the Synergy newsletter:
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2 synergyWinter2009
3 SynergySummer2010
4 Synergy Autumn2010
5 SynergySummer2011
6 SynergyAutumn2012
7 SynergySummer2013
8 SynergySpring2014
9 SynergyWinter2014
10 SynergySpring2015
11 SynergySummer2015
12 SynergyWinter201516

Readers may also be interested in a publication produced by IUCN Member The Sibthorp Trust in 2018, entitled The Ecosystem Approach – guidance for 2020 and beyond ‘SibthorpEAGuidelines‘.