IUCN Youth Strategy Webinar – Youth Engagement In Practice with Chester Zoo’s Youth Board

IUCN has launched its global Youth Strategy 2022-2030.

Young people are the future. We need their help and engagement, their unique perspectives and fresh ideas as well as their expertise to address the global challenges humanity is facing. This new IUCN Youth Strategy recognises this.

Here the IUCN National Committee UK, through its Education and Communication Working Group, hope to begin the process of applying the strategy in a UK context, initially by learning about engaging young people from the experiences and good practice of IUCN Member Chester Zoo, who have developed and Youth Board and a useful toolkit.

The three speakers from Chester Zoo will be Elliott Ford, who is a member of the Youth Board and will be talking to us about how the Youth Board operate and some of their key projects, and Charlotte Smith, the Director of Conservation Education at Chester Zoo and Nic Buckley, Conservation Education and Engagement Manager at Chester Zoo, who will give an organisational perspective and answer some of the broader questions about working to engage young people in nature conservation.

Such questions (plus those invited from audience participants) might be:

· What is meant by Youth Engagement?

· What does Chester Zoo do to promote youth engagement in nature conservation?

· What have the main successes and barriers been?

· How can the nature conservation sector as a whole more effectively involve young people?

· What are the barriers to getting young people interested in nature conservation and environmental issues and how can these be overcome?

Thank you to all those who attended and got involved!

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