Helping IUCN Members work better together

The Global Directory of IUCN National and Regional Committees is now available to view and contains information on the activities of these members of the IUCN family as well as their contact details. Global Directory coverYou will see from this document that there are more than 60 officially recognised IUCN National Committees and 7 Regional Committees as well as Country Focal Points in places where these arrangements do not exist. More National Committees are being established regularly, most recently in Benin in West Africa, the United States of America  and Belize in MesoAmerica. The editors intend to regularly update the document which you can also download from the IUCN website.

This Global Directory should also provide some context to help IUCN Members in the West Europe and East Europe and Central Asia region decide on whether to form an InterRegional Committee to join the other Regional Committees in helping IUCN function. These Members are currently being asked to express a YES/NO opinion via a link that has been sent to their official vote-holders from the IUCN Membership Unit. These opinions are critical as at least a 50% response rate is required in order to progress this initiative.  If you are the vote-holder of an IUCN Member organisation in either of these regions, please make your opinion known in this process.

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