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UK’s Nature Education Strategy with Dr Laura Soul and Dr Jade Gunnell

We are delighted to host Dr Laura Soul and Dr Jade Gunnell from the Natural History Museum working with the Department of Education on the UK’s Nature Education Strategy.

The NHM (an IUCN Affiliate Member) is working to provide every young person with opportunities to connect with nature. Could this new approach to nature education help create the next generation of advocates for the planet? How will this help the UK’s education sector become a world leader in climate change by 2030?

Together with partners, including the Royal Horticultural Society, they will give students the opportunity to transform the green space at their place of education into their own Nature Park. The programme embeds community science, supporting young people to work with others in their local area to take part in scientific research into biodiversity conservation and further our understanding of the factors that are most effective to boost biodiversity. No matter their interests, young people will be able to contribute to a collective effort to understand the issues impacting their local environment and take action in response. In this webinar we will outline what the Nature Park is, how it fits into wider activity from the DfE climate and sustainability strategy, it’s benefits for young people, and the community science approach we will be taking.

This webinar is introduced and moderated by Sophie Stenson, Chair of the IUCN NCUK’s Education and Communications Working Group and a PhD student studying sustainable governance as part of the RENEW project.

Some useful links which were shared and mentioned by our attendees (anonymised for GDPR – but if you would like to contact any of these projects, please feel free to reach out and we can put you in touch!):

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